Aussie Herding Group Of Dogs

by Sarah Bryce
(Baltimore, MD)

I am a trainer in the Baltimore area. I have come across an Aussie that is herding the other dogs while he is at daycare. The owner of the said daycare will not allow a leash to be used for correction (even with the urging of myself and the owners). The daycare is instead using a medical e-collar to "prevent" the dog from nipping and to "control" barking. I feel this is only going to make matters worse but without allowing an attendant to have the dog leashed for correction I am at a loss of how to get this dog out of the embarrassing collar and under control.

If any one has some innovative ideas it would be helpful. I am not familiar with stockdog training and I feel this could some what be applied here. I have suggested the owners seek a herding dog trainer who will work the dog a few session a month. If anyone knows of trainer in the area that would be great.

Another trainer had recommended and enrolled them in Agility but since it has not helped to detour the behavior at daycare. The owner reports that he was attentive and responsive before the agility but does feel it helped to strengthen their bond.

The dog is well behaved with no issues while at home. He attends daycare to release the normal energy this breed is know for. The daycare has many other Aussies that do not show the same behaviors, even though they are around the problem dog on some days.

My theory is the dog views daycare as work and home as home.

Any ideas or thought would be helpful. I will try to check back here but if you could send an email to it would be extremely helpful.

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