Aussie In Heat At Only 4 Months?

by Sarah

Hello, I recently just got my first Aussie puppy and we are living in the same house as my brother, who has a Rottie puppy (9 mos). They are best friends and do everything together. Zoey, the Rottie puppy, just recently went into heat.

Reading about heat cycles, I've seen that females can bring other females into heat, and I'm wondering if her being so close to my Aussie Gabby is bringing her into heat. Is it normal for my Aussie to be going into heat so young?

What I've read says normally after 8 months is their first heat cycle. I'm just trying to get a little more info before we go ahead and take her into the vet. She hasn't started spotting, but there is some swelling and all of the other dogs are acting strange around her just like they were with Zoey before she went into heat.

I just want to make sure her starting heat this young can't hurt her in any way. We're planning to have her fixed after her first cycle, but didn't expect this to come for another few months. She is a standard Aussie. The vet says she'll be on the larger size, her parents are around 50-60 pounds.

Thank you for your input!

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