Aussie Itches And Won't Come When Called

My 5 mo Aussie itches. No fleas. Why it drives us crazy, and how do I make him come back to me when he chases the colt and will not mind me? I had one for 17 yrs and he seemed perfect. It took a year and a half to get another. He chose me (crazy I know) but Jackson is my heart, just wont listen.

Thanks, Cindy

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fear not
by: Anonymous

first of all, you may need to change his food, especially if you're not feeding him organic, or holistic, (grain free), and also I would recommend a fish one, to help with skin problems, like the itchies.
You can teach him to mind you rather easily. this breed is intelligent, loving and wanting to please. Teach him with a long leash, then call him to come, have a treat in hand the first few days, always praise him, and pet him, he will come running when you call, just because he loves to see you pleased with him.

by: Debbie

We've had the same problem. We changed dog food that did not have any corn, corn meal or corn gluten in it (Nutro Max Lamb and Rice). Milk bone Bisquits don't have corn either. I have 3 aussies and one is allergic to corn. Of course check with your vet. This is our second aussie to be allergic to corn.

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