Aussie Jealous?

When my wife and I kiss our 1 year old female likes to jump between us. Why? WAKE

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Jealous aussie
by: Linn

I totally understand. Our 3 year old Aussie has been like that since she was about 8 months old. If my husband and I hugg or kiss she barks and jumps on us. It seems she is jealous and feels she needs to protect me from my husband. We have even called her and entered her in our hugg she quiets down but once she is on the ground again she is barking at us. Now we have another 2 year old Aussie that could care less...

more hugs!!!
by: kristy

It is a protection thing. Mine used to get down right nasty if anyone touched my daughter or I. If you "invite" him into the hug, it is only rewarding the problem behavior. Here's the fun part, to fix it, you'll need to do lots of hugging! Every time he barks or jumps up, give him a correction (nothing harsh) and reward him when he gets down and is quiet. Start with very short hugs and then lengthen them. It took a while but our dog rewarded us this Christmas by not getting worked up when everyone was hugging to say hello and good-bye. He's 2, by the way.

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