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Aussie Lover By Chance

by Saundra
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Macy 1st Week

Macy 1st Week

I just wanted to share pictures of our beautiful little Macy, and the story of how she came to us.

I have always been a dog lover, but hadn't owned my own dog since the loss of my beloved Dalmatian nearly 10 years ago. This was also right around the same time my daughter was born. Now my daughter is almost 11, and because of some difficult changes in our life, it is just she and I living in our 4 bedroom house. It became clear that now was the time for us to add a canine family member as we began the next phase of our lives.

I work from home with plenty of time and flexibility which makes an ideal situation to become a dog parent. I wanted to adopt an adult dog and began searching shelters and rescue websites. I had grown up with German Shepherds and we found a stray 5 year old Shepherd/Chow mix at a rescue that turned out to be a wonderful, well-behaved, loving pet. However, after only 2 months with us, the vet found a large mass in his belly he had to be put to sleep. My daughter and I were devastated.

I told my daughter we would get another dog, but that we would wait for just the right one to come along. Enter Macy. I was looking at online classifieds for furniture and found myself clicking to the pets section and there was this little fur ball face!

Macy's owner was a dog behaviorist/trainer and had selected her from a farmer's litter of Aussie/Golden Retriever mix puppies as a good candidate to begin service dog training. Unfortunately, like my daughter and I, she had some hard times hit her family and wasn't able to begin training. She needed to re-home this adorable little 6-week old girl. It was love at first sight for us and she was ours without a second thought!

Like I've seen posted by so many others on this site, she is amazingly smart already, and so well-behaved that I swear she understands English. She was pretty much housebroken from the first day; she loves to learn new tricks, and usually catches on in one or two tries. I didn't know anything about Aussies before, but have done lots of research since we got her, and now I wonder how we overlooked this wonderful breed as a perfect fit for us. Other Aussie lovers spot her a mile away and rave about their Aussie being the best dog they ever had. She is definitely a head-turner, her coat changes every day and I can’t wait to see how it will end up.

What an awesome personality she has, so funny and playful. With what I’ve learned about the Aussie temperament, plus the 1/3 Golden mixed in, all signs point to her being the best dog ever! She happily and politely greets all dogs, no matter size or shape, and has made quick friends with my mother’s 5 year old German Shepard, my brother’s 200 pound Mastiff, and my sister’s 8 pound Morkie all the same. She loves kids and is so anxious to be with us and please us, she is exactly what we needed at this time in our lives.

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Aussies are Awesome
by: Doris G

She is adorable! I love Aussies. They can be a bit crazy, but they are so smart and loyal and never boring. My cousin has one named Badger, and I swear she's part human and can understand everything you say. Glad you found the perfect ball of fur, I am still looking for mine. I have 2 cats so I need to find just the right Aussie/Aussie mix to get along with them. Thanks for sharing.

by: Maria R

What a cutie. She sounds like she has the best of both breeds in her. You are all blessed to have each other!!

by: Debra

She is a cutie. And it will always be...that folks who know Aussies will know long before they get to you! I have 2 standards and 1 mini and when I leave them at home folks want to know where they are. My male is a really big lover boy! They are a great breed and have been the love of my life for over 20 years.

Beautiful Pup
by: Anonymous

I would love to see a picture of her when she gets older. She is adorable.

gorgeous baby!
by: Kathy

what a beautiful little girl - you can her grin, even at this tender age.

Wishing you all the best with her!

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