Aussie Mix Tries To Grab Roomate. Need Advice.

by Tracy
(San Diego, CA)



My husband and I have a 12 year old Aussie/Heeler mix named Dundee.

In March we got a female, roommate. Every time my roommate crosses the room, Dundee will leap up from wherever his is, run over to my roommate and mouth her hand. He never bites. When she pulls her hand away, he leaves her alone, but it's pretty annoying for her.

I'm assuming it's a herding behavior but for Dundee to only do it with the roommate is a little strange.

1. He doesn't do this behavior with my husband or I and I've never really seen it with anyone else.

2. He doesn't do it to our other dog (also a shepard mix).

3. He has mouthed my husband and I before but only when brushing him, cleaning something off of him, or tickling his feet. It's usually a, "hey, stop that" kind of mouthing and NEVER biting.

4. He does not traditionally herd anything anymore because of his age and arthritis.

5. I asked my room mate to walk slower through the house so Dundee doesn't get the excited brain. This has not totally worked.

I want to train this out of Dundee. Any advice?


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