Aussie Nipped 3 People At A Party

by Shane

We took our 1 1/2 yr old male Aussie to a party on saturday where they were playing wiffle ball. Lots of adults and children. He was fine until an adult man was running to second base and he ran and nipped him pretty bad on the back of the leg. Later that day he nipped a small boy in the back and another boy in the knee both while running around playing.

We feel so bad, but he wasn't being aggressive. He licked the boys when they cried. What should we do for a situation like this?

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Feel your pain!
by: Jean

When my male Aussie joined our family 5 years ago, we were looking forward to going for long hikes, hanging with friends and their dogs and was hoping he could become a therapy dog. It took us a few years but we came to the conclusion that this was not going to happen.

Tucker is a highly reactive dog and feels the need to "correct" what he sees as undesirable behavior by other dogs or people. After a behaviorist confirmed that I had an extremely intelligent and intense dog and made us understand why he does what he does, we decided to cherish who he is and stopped fighting to make him something that he is not.

Teach your dog as many tricks as you possibly can to keep his mind engaged and so he is concentrated on you. When he starts to look like he is going into his herding mode, distract him with something else that he likes like a toy or treat.

Best of luck!

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Herding behavior and over stimulation. It would be good if you could confine him away from so much activity because a little goes a long way with herding breeds. You can make his introductions, but do him a favor and put him in his crate when the activity level is high. Please continue to take him with you, though.

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