Aussie Obsessed With Neighbors Dogs

by Heidi M
(Rochester, NY)

Hi, My two year old Aussie rescue is obsessed with the two dogs that live behind us (fenced yard). She "fakes" having to go out so she can see if they are out there or if she hears them. She is having some behavioral problems well and accidents in the house.

I am loosing my mind.

Any advice? Please??

Heidi M

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Aussie obsessed with Neighbors dogs
by: Anne

Okay does your aussie get enough exercise. She needs a job to do and she has taken it upon herself to check on the neighboor's dogs as her job.
How old is your aussie that she still has accidents?
Can you send a picture?
I will help you as much as I can.
Please e-mail me

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

My Aussie Rescue is the same!
by: Kathy

Although she is well house trained, she certainly has problems with the neighbors dogs, and listens just like yours for signs of life in the next yard. There have been many brawls at the fence, and we must check yard security constantly - it's terrifying to think what might happen if the fence should fail.

I'm most interested in any comments or suggestions posted in response to this situation.

Obsessive dog
by: Anonymous

Our dog, too, obsesses with our neighbor's dog. She acts like she will kill him if she gets ahold of him. Although she only weighs 20 lbs where he weighs approximately 90 lbs. What to do to change her obsession? She is injuring herself on the fence and on the rose bushes.

obsessed with neighbor dogs too
by: Anonymous

I read your post carefully as I thought I was the one who wrote it!

I'm in the same boat and it's very frustrating. I have two Aussies who "live" for the next opportunity to escape out the back door to body slam the fence and bark like two maniacs, attempting to get the neighbor dogs' attention. And it always works if their dogs are outside. I've done everything I know of to stop it, but still no success. I cannot enjoy my backyard anymore because of this. No sense trying to relax back there, because there's no telling when the next eruption will occur. Both my dogs are 1-1/2 and I think the neighbor dogs are around the same age. Nothing riles my dogs more than those dogs. They get plenty of exercise, mentally and physically, but that doesn't stop them from obsessing over those dogs. They practically slide out the back door trying to beat one another. My bigger male dominant dog does the body slamming and the little female provides most of the backup vocals. Just like you, I am at wits end too! Aaagghh!!

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