Aussie Panting A Lot

by Beth
(New Orleans)

Graden gate

Graden gate

We have a 4.5 year old spayed Aussie. Fabulous. Bright. Energetic. Typical Aussie. Pants a lot. A whole lot. House is a cool 69-70 degrees. Southeast Louisiana, but she is inside after dawn until dusk. She pants at rest almost as much as she does after a romp. Consistent 41 lbs. Active. Live with 6 year old Chocolate Lab who she plays with and lives with peacefully. Has some separation anxiety from primary love—but does well with step mom. Any ideas?

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aussie pants alot
by: Anonymous

i recently was given a 2 yr old fm purebred austrailian shepard...i noticed she pants alot and is very reserved, she follows me all over and if i raise my voice just a bit to give a command she cringes alittle bit which leads me to believe she was mistreated...shes a blue merle and neat as all get out...her right eye, the top half is blue and the bottom half brown, the other eye is all brown...i was just curious about the panting , she does it quite often but seems it common for them to pant so much?

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