Aussie Pup Owned By A Golf Course

We live in a golf community and the golf course management recently purchased an 8-week old female Aussie to ultimately be trained to keep away large numbers of Canada geese which live here and ruin greens, walkways and fairways.

The puppy spends night in a pen with a crate in a large maintenance building. She is cared for during the day by an employee who exercises her several times a day and feeds her twice a day.

In the evening a resident of the community feeds her evening meals and lets her outside for awhile. She sleeps in the climate-controlled building. She has a comfortable bed and lots of toys.

Is this an acceptable environment for the puppy to grow up in? She sees a number of people every day who play with her, but she doesn't live in a home. Will this have a bad effect on her?

Any advice will be appreciated. A concerned golfer.

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Sounds ok
by: Richard Bryant

As long as you don't find destroyed toys in the morning I guess it's ok. Sounds like he get's lots of attention and Aussie's thrive on that.

I believe she'll be fine
by: Marla

Aussies want/need a job. Since she'll have that purpose and also human interaction I believe she'll be fine. I think that they really like "their" people so it would probably be ideal if the same people mostly take care of her but they're also super intelligent and adaptable dogs.
I also think it's pretty aussome (awesome) of you to be concerned about her.

Needs a home to bond
by: Tim Kemnitz

I think 8 weeks is far too young to be alone at night. Aussies are extremely social and sensitive They need someone to form a strong bond with.
I have a pond and one of my Aussies jobs is keeping the geese away. She loves it, but still needs socialization and to belong to a family (pack)

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