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Aussie Puppy Conformation of Front Legs

Hi Aussie lovers! I’m new to the breed, but an experienced dog owner. Our Aussie boy is 5 months old and has completely stolen our hearts!

Getting to my question... but first, some pertinent background info.

The Aussie puppy is 5 months old, is fed Purina Pro Plan Savor Puppy Formula, with a just small amount of canned adult food (my 4 dogs split a single can in their dinner, just for added flavor) He’s up to date on all vet care and has gotten a clean bill of health so far at all visits. He gets a good bit of exercise, fenced-in yard with other dogs to romp with... walks around the neighborhood, wooded hikes, and swimming (mostly at creeks/rivers).

So my question is about his development, specifically his front legs. To me, he looks a bit “easty-westy”. We have a 2-year-old Golden Retriever, and he also looked very easty-westy as a pup. His legs did straighten out some, but still have a bit of an angle to them even now. It has not so far affected his athleticism... it looks like he’s flying when he reaches a full run, and can easily keep up with my husband on his mountain bike for 15 miles or more.

When the Golden was a pup I did some research and got a whole range of answers... some conflicting. It’s caused by diet... feeding too much, or missing certain nutrients (calcium, phosphorus ratios or vitamin D or C) Caused by too much exercise, or needs more exercise to build muscle to support the joint. It’s purely genetic. It requires surgical intervention to avoid arthritis, or it’s no big deal, etc, etc.

But now, with our second puppy of a different breed exhibiting the same conformation... I just want to be sure it’s not something we are doing wrong as puppy owners. Our other two dogs were both adopted as adults, and our first puppy was another Golden that we raised over 12 years ago, which I don’t recall her having it, but who knows... maybe I just didn’t notice it when she was a pup.

So long-winded post, but any thoughts?

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Knee growth plates aren’t done yet…
by: Anonymous

You said… five months old running MILES? Yes, that is what you’re doing wrong. It could also just be some genetics, but no dog younger than a year should be going more than a few miles at a walk.

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