Aussie Puppy Does Not Come When Called

by Tami
(Sand Flat, TX)



We have a 5 month old toy Aussie, she exhibits all the behaviour of a full size Auusie. We live on a ranch and when Okie is not on a leash she sometimes takes off and will not come to me when I call her. She follows me sometimes and stays with me, But I worry when she takes off and she tries to herd the horses she will get hurt. What can I do to correct this issue.

Thank you

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Aussie Puppy Does Not Come When Called
by: Nonnie

We have a mini Aussie puppy and a toy Aussie puppy - both female, both eight months old. They also do not come when called. We have them in obedience classes and it is helping. Like you, I worry they will get off leash or out of the gate and not come when called. During the training sessions they are great, but not in just everyday life.

They have stolen our hearts and we would do anything for them!!

Training for Recall
by: Anton

Lesson 5 in Dove Cresswell's online dog and puppy training program is about how to get your dog to come when called.

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Coming when called
by: Anonymous

There a couple of things you can try but remember never to call then to you to be told off, never use their names when you are angry and always treat when they do eventually come to you (lots of praise + a food treat, a toy or whatever is fun for them).

Next you could try putting them on a long leash (5m or more)and let them wander off, call them and if they do not come straight away reel them in and reward them! They shouldn't have a chance to get it wrong and should always know you are pleased they came even if it was with a bit of help.

Another exercise is to keep them on a long lead and walk randomly/erratically so they do not know where you are going next and have to pay more attention to where you are.

This is one of those commands you should never punish them for obeying even if it is with one of your favourite shoes in their mouth!

Works for me
by: Anonymous

My 4 month old aussie alway's comes when called, he's attending obedience training right now. But early on I would say his name and give him a treat (a piece of kibble). If he went in to another room I would call his name and he would come and I'd give him a treat. As things progressed I started giving treats less frequently and he still responds.
If we are going to the dog park, obedience training or any new place I give lots of treats, this enforces his response when there are distractions around.

Teaching Puppy to Come When Called
by: Anonymous

Buy a high-pitched whistle. Starting with short distances between you and the puppy, blow the whistle and call him. When he gets to you, give him a treat that has very high value for him (something he just can't pass up, like pieces of chicken or turkey). Keep practicing calling him with the whistle and treating him every single time he comes to you and gradually increase the distance. He will learn to always associate that whistle sound with you and a really excellent treat. Remember, the treat has to be something really special.

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