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Aussie Puppy Will Not Pee Outside

by Bryan Ford
(Brussels, Wisconsin, USA)

I have an 8 week old female. She pooped outside the first night. She has had a half dozen accidents (poop) inside but she will poop outside when taken out.

I realize these accidents were us learning her timing. But the pee is harder. We have been paying attention to her habits and when we take her outside to pee she will only sniff around, dig and eat grass. If we put her on the chain run she has so much anxiety she just runs back and forth and will whine at the door.

When we bring her in she will pee as soon as you take your eyes off her. And I mean she is quick. I swear she can void her bladder in about 1 second. One thing I noticed is she will try and put something between you and her. A wall, chair, table. As soon as she does I go to investigate and in that second she has gone. I have read a bunch of forum posts watched the Cesar videos, nothing is working.

I don't need an "just keep with it" advise. What can we do or what are we doing wrong. When she has an accident we don't spank, yell or anything. We just take her outside and nothing but digging eating grass or whining.

Please help!

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Something to consider.... aussie won't pee outside
by: Anonymous

We had the same problem with our female mini-Aussie puppy, Sadie. After weeks of working on trying to housebreak her, she was still was peeing inside and not out. She had developed control of pooping and that was not an issue. My husband was beside himself and said that if she wasn't housebroken after 6 weeks, she probably wasn't going to be and we should get rid of her. Then I talked to a friend who worked for a veterinarian, and she said, "have you checked to see if she has a urinary tract infection?" We took Sadie to the vet who took urine and determined that she did indeed have a UTI. He prescribed medication and after a week, she was completely housebroken! She had not exhibited any symptoms whatsoever that would have led us to believe she had an infection - except inability to housebreak for peeing. It's worth getting your Aussie checked - she may not feel when she is going to pee, or may not be able to control it.

by: Bryan Ford

UPDATE! So a friend with lots of puppy experience suggested the next time she has an accident use a paper towel to blot up the mess and then take her outside and rub the towel on the grass. BAM! Away she went! And went steady until the temperature dropped. Now she is more reluctant. But she will go. Still some accidents in the house but she knows where to go. She is still anxious when it is dark outside but we are learning to let her know we are near but try not to be distracting. We are getting there.

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