Aussie Puppy Won't Drink Anything?

I have a 5 month Mini Aussie puppy who hates drinking anything. He kind of slams his face up and down into his water bowl when trying to drink and seems to just hate it. I tried getting him a large hamster bottle and he doesn't like that either. We tried giving him chicken broth to drink and he had no interest in that either. I don't know how to get this puppy to drink and last week he ended up at the vets for being dehydrated. Any ideas?

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Dear Aussie Puppy Won't Drink Anything
by: Ontario, Canada

Have you tried putting a cup of chicken broth (salt free) into his water (1:1 ratio) decreasing the amount of chicken broth as your dogs fluid intake increases? Try adding some water to the dog’s food; I am sure your vet has also offered some suggestions.
Also, try scooping water into your hand and if the dog drinks it move hands closer to the water bowl.
Try changing the water bowl as well; maybe there is something about the bowl they don’t like such as the position, location, and type. One of my dogs did not eat for 2-days because she did not like where we placed her food bowl.
Best of luck I hope your dog starts drinking soon as it is scary when they get sick.

Extra Water
by: Kathy

If you feed your puppy wet food, add some (some) water and mix it into the food.

When my Aussie was sick recently and I was concerned that he wasn't get enough fluids, I gave him ice chips.

Help with drinking
by: Kelly


Our puppy, Libby didn't really like to drink either. We tried flavored ice chips and she was fine with that. You can flavor it with what ever flavor yours like. Libby liked sweet tea.

Good luck with your pup!

doesn't drink
by: Jim

I think your best advice is from your Vet.
What does he think?
Good luck.

Mine doesn't like to drink either??!!
by: Anonymous

I have a one year old Blue Merle Aussie (Einstein). After a run in the hot heat (3 miles), I will throw some ice in his water. It is a "bobbing for apples" kind of game for him. It is the only way I can "trick" him into drinking. I can replace his water bowl daily and see that he drinks NOTHING from a dog bowl. I have noticed that he will sneak a drink from the toilet at night when the lid is left open. I think Einstein is just persnickety about where and how the water comes at him. My vet said that if he wasn't drinking after a run then he was fine. He would find the water if he needed it. Good luck!

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