Aussie puppy

by Renee Cummins
(Northern Michigan, USA)

I have just got an Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy and she is wonderful. She is practically house broke and she is only 9 weeks old. The dilemma is that she frequently tears into my legs when I'm out walking around the yard with her and if I try to do something like weeding, she is into tearing up my hands. I don't want to break her spirit but she is making me bleed! Help...

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not acceptable
by: Anonymous

Puppy teeth are very thin and sharp, they tear anything, and hurt; but aside from that, you must stop her from doing this to you. this is NOT acceptable behavior, because it will only get worse with time. Tell her "NO" firmly, and if she continues turn away from her, ignore her,or put her in a crate/room.(Aussie love to be with their people, and she will not like this at all), as she get the idea, you can reward her with treats, and praise. they tend to be very sensitive, and really love us, and want to be loved(but don't allow bad behavior because of this).
hope this helps, keep us posted. \
you could also try giving he an acceptable/safe bone or chew toy when you say no to your hands, and she listens. it helps to distract them, and give them an alternative. especially at 9 weeks, smart as they are, they are still pups, and learning what is good, and what is not.

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