Aussie Seizure?

by Karen

My Aussie is 15 months old. Last night, I noticed for the first time an episode of shaking. She was laying down, and when she got up her head was twitching for about 10 seconds. Then it stopped and she was fine and playing like normal. I am wondering if that was a mild seizure. What does a seizure look like in dogs? Thanks

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by: Jean

When my Teddy had his first seizure, it scared us to death! They lasted about one to two minutes and it took him a few hours and sometimes even a day to get back to normal. My vet assured us that it would not do any permanent damage and if the seizures came more often (forgot how often) that he would put him on medication. They were about 2 to 3 a year so it was never necessary.

It does sound like some kind of seizure but I would check with your vet to make sure. I did notice that Teddy's seizures reduced drastically (almost completely) when I went to a chemical free home for my own health reasons. We stopped using chemicals in our lawn, gardens, carpet cleaning, house cleaners etc.

Best of luck!

sorry to hear
by: Anonymous

yes, that is a type of mild seizure. do go to natural/holistic food if your have't already. Aussies are sensative to many things, and they are prone to seizures. My luke stared getting them at age 2(very badly)he lived another 3 years, getting them severe but less often through the help of a holistic vet who had him on liver pills. (the livers cleanses toxins, if its clogged, it will cause seizures) this helped tremendously. but when I cut back on his dosages, seeing he was doing better, they came back, and one cluster (many for a long time) put him in a comatose state and he passed away at the age of 5. its been over a year, and I still feel that pain. please, do what you can to avoid that from happening to you.
our best to you.

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