Aussie Shipping

by Mike
(Long Island, NY)

I am purchasing an 8 week old Aussie from a reputable breeder who is shipping him to me in New York. I am wondering if anyone has had experience with picking up an Aussie puppy from the airport and how the puppy will behave when he is picked up and if there is any nervous behavior how long it may last.

Also, he is being shipped with some of the puppy food he has been eating; how long do I keep him on that same type of food before I can get him on the food I prefer him to eat?

Thanks to all who respond.

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Aussie shipping
by: Anonymous

I have a bad experience with it. The breeder told me that my Aussie supposed to be at the Airline office, he wasn't there. We asked them where he is they had no idea about the dog, then we heard a puppy crying and he was left in the crate on the other end of the luggage and somebody could have stole him!
He was scared, he did not want to get out of the crate. He was scared of everything after that like sliding glass door, loud noises and etc. Still is. I don't know if his behavior is bc of that but now I would find a small local breeder and pick up a dog like my fist one.

Shipping an aussie
by: Anne

I have shipped numerous puppies with NO problems.
I'll give you some tips..e-mail me
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Did once...
by: Richard Bryant

Our second, Zoey, was sent from Dallas to Ft. Lauderdale and the flight had one stop. We waited at the terminal baggage pickup which is where we were told to go and after everyone picked up their bags, no Zoey. A couple of phone calls reveled that she was on the other side of the airport where cargo is transferred.
When we got there the rep's had Zoey out of the crate and were making her comfortable. Continental Airlines did a good job and seem to take good care of pet's.
Zoey is different than our other two in that she is skittish and afraid of thunder and loud noises, not sure if the plane ride had anything to do with it or not.
Our first, Jackson, was picked up after a 6 hour drive from South Florida to North Florida. The breeder then moved outside of Dallas.
We then relocated to Jacksonville and shorty after arriving and settled in decide on our third, Ozzy.
We decided to drive to Texas instead of having him shipped in. Overall three day trip.
We would never have one shipped again even though there is no proof of adverse effects.
But if the industry can leave people on the tarmac for hours without proper waste removal and ventilation, imagine how a poor pup in the baggage hold must be.
My recommendation is drive and if too far, fly and pick up yourself. That way the pup can at least ride in the cabin and be looked after and comforted.

Did once...
by: Richard Bryant

BTW...the breeder will no longer ship due to all the publicity regarding planes held on the tarmac for unreasonable amount of time.

Don't do it
by: Mike

The puppy will be 8 weeks old. Taken from all he knows he will then be placed in a crate, tossed around by strangers and put in a luggage compartment to fly to you and have the process reversed.

I drove 500 miles to get my pups and would have went several thousand.

This is too much for any puppy. This is also right at the start of the first 'fear' period. You may take years to correct issues from this or you may get fed up and want to give him back or turn him over to a rescue group.

Please don't do this. I don't care what the breeder tells you.

Good luck
by: Anonymous

We adopted an Aussie and had her shipped from Utah to VA. We had no issues with Delta, they even confirmed when she was on the plane. There are restrictions on temperatures when you ship your puppy. Ours was pretty confused and disoriented when we got her, but came around really quick. Check out Cesar Millan's tips on when you bring home a new puppy. As for food, we switched her from a breeder's formula to science diet balance with no issues - but you should check out the formulas online and you can order the breeder's formula in advance. Good luck and enjoy your Aussie!

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