Aussie Size Question

by Yusaf
(Arroyo Grande CA)

I was wondering if someone could post some information regarding puppy age vs weight and size. I have a 15 wk old red merle (Millie) and she only weighs 12.5 lbs should I be concerned?

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Aussie Size
by: Anne

No need to be concerned unless she looks thin. If she is of a normal weight and looks healthy, don't worry about her age vs. her size.
All puppies, aussies included, grow at different rates and develop at different rates.
Enjoy her!

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: CAgirl

Hi! We have a 16wk full size Blk Tri male Australian Shepherd. Last week he weighed 25lbs. Have you contacted your vet about the weight issue? I hope she is doing well. Keep us posted.

by: Anonymous

at 16 weeks a dog doubles her size so she will be around 25 pounds

more info
by: yusaf

well when we got her she was 10 weeks at 9.5 pounds
and she hasn't grown much in since. she does have a grown look about her compared to when we got her. im not really worried about her because she is happy and healthy and has more energy than i know what to do with

RE: weight vs age
by: Libby

Hi, our Aussie is a black tri. He was weighed yesterday at just over 16 weeks and weighed 14.5kg and we were told he was a little on the podgy side.

How big?
by: Samantha

I have a 15 week old that is 12 pounds. How much did yours end up growing her mom was 45 and dad 55+ so im curios she seems really small.

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