Aussie Teeth Cleaning?

by Amelie

My Aussie is 3 1/2. My vet says she has grade one or minor redness at the gumline. She said my dog should have a cleaning ($500). I hate to have her sedated, but I want her to have healthy teeth and gums. Any suggestions?

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Teeth cleaning
by: Anonymous

I feel that hie too young for teeth cleaning like that. Anesthesia is not really good so if you can avoid it that would be great. There are companies who provide a teeth cleaning without anesthesia. We have them here, try to find one in your town. They are doing great job and only charge 150 dollars. Google it.

Doggie Dentals
by: Kathy

Whether your dog actually needs a cleaning depends on the presence of calculus, or tartar in her mouth. This needs to be removed while the dog is sedated. I've heard of practitioners (not vets) who scale the teeth without sedation, but the jury seems to be out on the kind of job they do.

To avoid the need for dental work, prevention is key. You can remove plaque, the beginning stages of calculus, yourself. The best way I've found is to purchase some thin cotton gloves and some doggy toothpaste. I put a little knob of the paste on the tip of my gloved index finger, and rub my finger over my Aussie's teeth, making sure to get right to the back of her mouth and to gently massage the gums as well. I use one glove for each side of her mouth.

My girl loves to get her teeth done, and 'grins' for me, making the process easier. She gets this done about 3 times a week, but of course the more, the better.

I also use a natural kelp product called Proden Plaque Off, which seems to help.

My Aussie had a slow recovery from her last dental. She is 11 years of age and I don't want her to have to go in again.

Hope this helps.


Teeth cleaning
by: Anonymous

Wow! That's alot of money for cleaning...I would shop around. My 4 yr old aussie's teeth look good because she does alot of chewing.

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