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I want to teach my Aussie a bunch of tricks. I see all these Aussie's who have pages and pages of tricks! My blue merle is about a year and something odd months. His focus is very limited and he's ALWAYS so hyper when I need him to just listen sometimes! lol. He does want to please he just has a hard time calming down and focusing! HELP?!

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Sometimes a good run before a training session helps. At a year, your boy is still a pup but he needs to learn to pay attention to you. You have to be the most interesting thing in his life. I am a clicker trainer and that is how everything, including tricks, are taught here. Have some treats that he REALLY likes-- real meat or cheese is the best. Click, treat, click, treat until he gets the idea that the click means a treat. Then, I mark behaviors with the click. Bryn raises her paw off the floor, she gets a click and treat. The stakes go up as the dog gets the idea. The farther he raises the paw, the more clicks and treats he gets. Before you know, you have trained your dog to wave hello. There are lots of clicker training videos on YouTube and the best resource for clicker tricks is . Click on "Keepers" and you will find lots of tricks and games to play with your dog.

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