Aussie With Allergies

by L. McKee

Our Aussie will not stop scratching no matter what we try. She does not have fleas and we brush her and she gets a bath every 2 weeks (with sensitive shampoo for dogs) and now we are trying Benadryl. The vet thinks she has allergies. Any suggestions?

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Aussie With Allergies
by: Marilyn

Hi there:
I have a three year old Aussie who does suffer from allergies. Seems to be coming more common in the breed as the years go by. Maybe it's getting to the point of over breeding???
Anyway, we have tried numerous things, but have found hi food is the main source of all, with one exception. In Sept there is some sort of plant or mold spore we get in our area that gives him some grief. I have found if I don't take him in overgrown weeded areas until after Sept. he is OK. As for the food, NOTHING with grains has fixed that. Easy these days to find grain free good quality food and treats that no longer costs an arm & a leg to buy. Wellness Core, Acana just to name a few. After three mnths of grain free more itching and up to that oint he was miserably scratching all the time. So nice to see him calm & relaxed. We had him on allergy meds & the whole thing for over a year, nothing helped much til we changed his food and this is not uncommon now in many breeds. Good luck!

Aussie Allergies
by: Anonymous

Switch her to a food that is grain free. This has helped our two Aussies.

Grain free no help
by: Texas Heeler

I have a cross between an Aussie and an Australian Cattle Dog. She is 9, I got her a year ago. She has scooted, rolled on the ground, never itched but begs you to scratch her. I have tried every grain free food there is to no avail. I've learned a lot, such as the more ingredients, the worse for allergies. I've been on blue buffalo grain free for awhile, to no avail. However, I came upon Blue grain free, basics, few ingredients dry food and it stopped the scooting!! I believe that soy free has a lot to do with it. She still begs and begs to be itched. Vet had her on way. It did little for too big amounts of the drug. I had a border collie who was allergic to her own dander years ago. I am trying to remember what took that away. These herding dogs are just marvelous (all animals are.)

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