Aussie Won't Leave My Side

Hey everyone. I just got an 8 month old Aussie and I did a lot of research before choosing her as to activities and stimulation to help her stay stimulated. The only thing - she doesn't want to do anything besides walk next to me. She won't play with puzzles or her Kong unless I'm next to her encouraging her.

Any suggestions on how to get her more active and stimulated? We've only had her for a couple of days so maybe she is just acclimating, however I am looking for ideas to maybe help her open up more?

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aussies love their people
by: Anonymous


more active
by: Anonymous

It's big new world out there and she's scared keep doing what you are doing she'll come out of her shell.

lets play ball !!
by: Adrian B

Welcome to the world of the Aussie owner who's Aussie couldnt care less !!.....
Dont worry to much but you may have to keep encouraging play like I have too and mine is 2 .5 years old, she plays indoors but not outdoors but she is quite happy just tagging along or running up and down on kids playgrounds...... maybe seek some pro help but play, then feed treat is a good game or use a yummy treat as the play object, it does work !!.,just do it in short bursts and not until she gets bored ( keep them wanting more ) its worth sending a message to our dog trainer here in Australia on how to do this and they may know someone who can help out your way ??.... The K9 Company Facebook or .... just mention my name ;-) but most of all enjoy your puppy for who she is .....they are AWESOME mates !!
Adrian B

Separation Anxiety
by: Brenda Joseph

It seems that your Aussie is suffering from "separation anxiety". Since you just got her spend time sitting with her for a few days and every once in a while push her just a little ways from you and tell her to stay, it may take a few tries. But each time she just stays for a few seconds tell her "good girl" and give her a treat. Then try leaving the room and close the door behind you and come back in after only a minute or two at first and tell her "good girl" and give her a treat. Make your departure for a little longer each time and she will eventually realize that you haven't abandoned her and that you are coming back. We have a Blue Merle that has separation anxiety but we just tell him that we'll be back and he's ok but when he does hear the car drive up he starts barking for attention and we just tell him that it's ok were back. Love those Aussies. They are so smart, loving and loyal. Wishing you the best. Brenda

A couple of days isn't enough
by: Dave

Your dog will adapt and not require you to be in such close contact. That said, I feel this trait (shadow dog, clinger, or whatever) is one of our Aussie's best features. He NEVER runs off, usually stays within 100ft of our house. He is a great watch dog and takes this role seriously! On our frequent hikes he is always watching out for bears or moose and keeps us alerted if anything big and furry is nearby without running up to it and putting him and us in danger. I have had dogs that liked to run off, and calling them for hours through the neighborhood, no thanks! I'll take my loyal shadow dog any day!

Perry the Velcro dog
by: Anonymous

I love my dog Perry. He is just like the other clingy Aussies. My last dog was a sweetie too, but he would dig holes under the fence, and we were constantly adding cement and rocks in the holes. Thankfully he was never hit by a car when he would wander onto the road. He died of old age, and we miss him greatly, but I'll take a Velcro dog any day over the constant worry of a neutered dog that still wanders. ❤️🐕🐾

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