Aussie Won't Potty... At All

My boyfriend and I adopted a 5 yo female Australian Shepherd this weekend and she refuses to go potty while on leash. We live in an apartment, so we don't have a yard to send her to do her business, and it's not an option to have her off leash. We've tried taking her out for long walks, taking her with the Aussie we've had and alone, waiting her out, taking her out first thing in the morning and right after eating, and taking her out before bed, but she still won't go. She did eliminate in the house yesterday morning when she was out of sight for a few minutes (I know, my mistake, but it was unavoidable), so at least we know she's gone once, but I'm concerned for her health and well-being. Does anyone have advice for getting her to go on leash when we take her out?

Thank you!

Tamara (& Molly!)

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Aussie won't pee
by: Anne

She is stressed out. Give her time and reassure her. Love and time, but if you get really concerned about her..take her to your vet.
Hope this helps.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Poor Molly! I have a Molly, too. You could try a long light weight nylon clothes line attached to her collar. It might not be as strange as a leash with you being close to her. When she does go, make sure you praise her and give her lots of love while she is still adjusting to her new life. Good for you!

oh dear
by: Anonymous

oh poor baby, and poor you, yes, she just needs time and assurance, she's probably confused and stressed. if you can, put a little prune juice in her water, it'll make her go, and make sure you take her out. when she finally does go, praise her alot, and maybe give her a treat. hope it works out for you guys. keep us posted.
(if she went from a house, with a yard, to an apartment, she probably also needs some space, she can call her own)

Re: Potty Outside
by: Anonymous

Your aussie probably isn't used to being watched or going on a leash. You can try this. First, take a paper towel and soak up the pee mess. And or the poo mess. Take it outside where you want her to go and leave it there. Then take her to that spot to let her know THIS is where she is supposed to go. Take her there every time...she will associate this place with elimination. It usually doesn't take long. Good luck, hope this helps!

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