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Aussie Won't Stop Whining!

by Baili

I have an 8 month old Australian Shepherd and for the life of me I cannot figure out why he won't stop whining. Him and I play fetch everyday and go on continuous long walks. I know he has a lot of energy because even after all the playing we do, he still wants to play in the house. I am fine with that, but he consistently whines if we are not playing. I have tried ignoring him, but that doesn't seem to help. I honestly cannot play with him 24/7. I feel that I give him at least 3-4 hours of my day devoted just to exercise. Any suggestions?

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by: Nonnie

Teach him the meaning of "all done". We started when our Aussies were very young, but I think you will be able to do it with time. We use many hand signals with our Aussies to reinforce the commands.

They know bath, sit, down, stay or wait, all done, eat, not now, around, over, bring it, give it, drop it. They also know our names. When my daughter tells them to go to Momma, they do. They understand a lot of sentences (or specific words in the sentence). Such as: Go see Chelsea and get your collar on. Take the rope to Dad. Bring me your rope.

We make them keep their ropes inside, but sometimes one gets outside. Believe it or not, I can ask Bailee if her red rope is outside. She will look at me with her eyes wide. I then tell her "Go outside and get your red rope." She will, and way me to throw it.

Keep us updated on your progress!

by: jcrply

Here's what works well for me... a consistent play schedule. My pup is 9 months old. I'm sure she also would like to play all the time, but she has adjusted -not perfectly, but very well- to having certain times for play. Meals (6:30a.m., noon, 6:00 p.m.) are followed by rest periods of 1.5 hours since I don't want her exercising right after a meal. After the rest period we play in the yard and go for a walk. Then rest before the next meal. (In the evening in winter I take her out before not after dinner). She knows when it's getting close to her play time and she will sometimes whine then. But she has accepted that she only goes outside for playing or for a walk at the same three times a day. During the "rest periods" she either sleeps or wanders around in the house and lanai, wherever I (or the cats) happen to be.

Mine too!
by: Anonymous

My 2-year old Aussie does the same thing, its absolutely ear piercing and CONSTANT! He does it in the background of everything he is doing.

Me too!
by: R. Miller

I also have an australian shepherd that whines constantly - tried everything. Now I know what Chinese water torture must be like. However, we still lover her!

Mine Too!
by: Lisa

My Aussie is a whiner too! OMG...she kills me sometimes. I can be standing right next to her and she does that high pitched whining...she whines for no reason also. The best is at 4:30 in the morning....NOT!

by: Anonymous

I have an 9 month old Aussie, and he whines most when we haven't done enough mentally challenging things that day. I'd suggest harder tricks. We play hide and seek, and 'treasure hunt' which is finding a treat somewhere in the house. But I try to teach him a new trick each week. Not every trick is a winner, but it is still fun to see him try and work different things out.

Mine to
by: Anonymous

We had 2 Aussies prior to this,12 week old puppy, so you know I love them. They may have whined the first night even 2, but I can't ever remember them whining after..I have had this little guy for over 2 weeks I swear he even whimpers when he is a sleep. I wish it was just at 4 AM he let out that ear shattering whine, squeal, howl. He seems to take 15-30 minute nap and whinds up again. I just don't understand why he is whining. The grand kids were here thru the weekend, no way could I give him that much play and exercise and he still whined... Thank God he is so cute or I might be tempted to wring his neck. All jokes a side tonight I decided to change his food and see if that might help.

Same here
by: Anonymous

My blue Merle is the same way. It's ruining my relationship because my Aussie wakes us up through the night crying. It's especially tricky because sometimes she's crying because she has to use the bathroom. Most of the time though, she's crying to cry. She gets a ton of exercise, her smart little brain stays stimulated. I just don't know what to do. She's 3 now and has done it since 3 months.

Re post 12 week puppy whining.
by: Anonymous

Well now we are 4 months old. I moved him to the porch in a kennel. Not cold but cooler. I could still hear if he cried. The first night it seemed to help. I think maybe his undercoat was so thick it might have been to warm in the house or maybe he was use to kennel life. We went to the vet and also got a prescribed food as he was always scratching. What helped I'm just not sure. This little guy has a complete different personality than our past Aussies. He doesn't know a stranger. He is so hyper loves toys, loves to get things out of the waste basket and shred. He is a chewer, but finally learning to get chew toys and bones..Our shoes aren't left by the door, ha. Truth he is teaching the family to pick up better, ha. He is so smart. He catches onto commands so quick. When he gets in trouble he hangs his head so cute, it's really hard to be stern with him. Can't tell he has won our hearts. Have fun good luck all with whinny ones. They are a lot more fun when that stops.

Default whining
by: Anonymous

My mini Aussie is almost a year old, loves everyone, very excitable and active. Had to crate him at times so he would nap. I hate the whining, and I let him know it! I shush him when it's just mild whining then praise him when he stops. Doesn't work when he is really excited, or in the car! But we keep working on Quiet, maybe someday...! Good luck!

Blue Merle Whining
by: Midwest blue Merle

Our blue merle pup ( 5 1/2 months old), will whine at the house once in a while but when we are in the vehicle it is a different story. She will whine just about the whole time we are moving. She likes to sit between one of our other 2 dogs and the seat to get air from the windows. When she gets in between one of the other dogs and the seat she seems to be fine and doesn't whine.
Only problem with that, is the other 2 dogs don't care for it when she crawls on or over them to get between them and the seat, (which i guess Cynder (auss pup) feels safe sitting like that when by the windows).

So, we would like to find a way to stop the whining, as dealing with it in the vehicle, is a pain and not easy. We have tried a shirt of mine that she likes to lay on and different toys and asking her to stop doesn't seem to work. My wife has even brought her up to the front seat with the wife and it seemed like the whining was worse but that was probably because she was in the front and not in the back with the other dogs.

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