Aussie/Border Collie, Ball Issue

by Adele

I have a 7 month old female who is having an issue at the dog park, when other dogs play with their ball. She steals it, and then gets aggressive towards all the other dogs. It is so frustrating. I put her in time out, and she just goes crazy. We sometimes have to leave. I met another Aussie today, whose owner said he does the same thing, which made me wonder... is this something typical of this breed? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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My dog snatches balls too
by: Eliza4u2

My Aussie is a 14 month old male alpha and his behavior is similar to yours when at the dog park. He'll snatch another dog's ball and won't release it. He does it because he wants to be chased. He'll sit down and calmly chew on the ball, waiting for another dog or person to try and get it from him, which they won't until he's ready to give it up. He'll just pretend like he's going to release it, but then he runs with it! It is frustrating and a little embarrassing when you tell your dog to "drop it" and then they run! He can be aggressive too. It could be a trait of the Aussie, I'm not sure. Your pups young and this is all a new game to her, be patient and continue giving her direction. She'll outgrow the phase.

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