Aussiedoodle Freaks Out When She See's A Squirrel

Just looking for some tips on how to stop her from freaking out, barking, and whining everytime she sees a squirrel.

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She's a nut..
by: Anonymous

Couldn't refuse.
Never saw an Aussiedoodle before. Thanks for posting a pic.
The nature of the Aussie and the chase instinct
is pretty well set. If you could redirect her attention away with food, may help.
Or you could wait till she's 10 years old and is calmer.
Good luck.

No Way
by: Mike

I have 2 pups and you just can't...

They watch calmly from a door but when they get out they chase, chase, chase...

by: Anonymous

Thanks - she is kinda nutty, and I have a heck of a long way to go until she's 10. I will try redirecting her.

by: Anonymous

I suggest getting your dog a backpack - for about $15 on amazon it's a deal. The work / job it gives your dog helps keep their focus on what they're doing vs. everything else. Also work on the "leave it" command. every time they redirect their focus give a treat with the "good leave it". It doesn't mean they won't try to chase, but it does help them calm down quicker. Good luck!

by: Moe

We can't even say the word "squirrel" in our house without our two Aussies running full speed out the dog door barking. We have taken to spelling it... like "Honey... there is a s-q-u-i-r-r-e-l on the birdfeeder." They have never caught one, but they sure do try hard.

She's a nut
by: Rhonda "Round em up Aussies"

I too have never seen an aussie doodle. She is cute.

Aussiedoodle and Squirrels
by: Anonymous

That is not a good mix; at least yours did not bring it one into the living room! Ours has done that a couple of times; he is just too fast! I do have a question, tho. They are so hyper-alert that they get distracted easily. I have to sit my mine to make sure he east his food! If he gets distracted, the other dog eats his food and he just doesn't care. I have had difficulty with potty training, tho. We have pet doors and invisible fence and he knows where he should be going, but just doesn't seem to care if he goes on the patio instead. As soon as get something to clean it up with, he sees the paper in my hand and goes then goes outside! Any help? Can't wait til he is 10 and calms down.

My Aussiedoodle is hyper alert too
by: Angie

Mine is 5 years old. In the house, she's pretty quiet. She stands in the backyard, on the alert, listening and sniffing, head tilted up to catch a scent. If she can smell it, she barks at it. She barks at dogs barking 2 blocks away, at the noise of a squirrel scrambling in my neighbors tree 2 houses down, at things nobody else can hear. She's tense, too -- tail up, head up, prancing along the fenceline. When she barks, she rushes the fence aggressively. If something is actually on the other side of the fence, she becomes full-blown aggressive. If I opened the gate, she would rush out growling, put her head to the ground to sniff (ignoring what she was just barking at)....and be gone down the street in 6 seconds. If I try to hush her, she becomes even more tense and starts rolling her eyes at the horrible unknown thing on the other side of the fence and starts growling. If I use food to distract her, she becomes suspicious of the food. There's no cure. We just love her for the wonderful pet that she is otherwise.

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