Aussies At Dog Park

by Eddy
(Nor Cal)

My Aussie, Kylie (4 yr. old fm tri), seems to always be drawn to other Aussies over other breeds at the dog park. Could be 20 dogs there and the Aussies always seem to find each other. Have you had similar experiences?

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It looks like mom
by: Anonymous

If you watch long enough you see dogs seem to pick out their own breed. Could it be that bond they had with mom and siblings? That is what they saw first! My black tri Aussie and I are at the park at least 5 days a week.

Let the chest bumping begin
by: Anonymous

100% true for our male Aussie starting at 4 months. He's now 8 yrs. He's eager to engage with most dogs, but when he spots another Aussie, he goes into a whole other level of happy. I notice how they gleefully jump into one another- often chest bumping. Not all breeds appreciate that style of play. Gleeful abandon ensues.

Aussies recognizing each other
by: Anonymous

My 8-year old Aussie is exactly the same. He always spots another Aussie at the dog park. They are fun to watch.

Finding fellow Aussies say dog park
by: Lynn

Yes! Sydney (our 3 year old blue merle) loves all pups at our off leash dog 'park' (plug for Fox river bluff... it has paths, a river , woods!) And altho Syd loves playing with all dogs, if we come across any aussies, she goes absolutely crazy!!

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