Australian Shepard vs Mini Aussie

by Jason

I post this question not looking for negative comments about either breed just looking to understand why Mini Aussies are not accepted in the Aussie community.

I know some people say they are a "mix" breed. But I am looking at buying a Mini that has pedigree going back 5 generations on both sides. I understand if you own either or you may be one sided. Help me understand the difference and the negativity around Minis.

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Australian Shepard vs Mini Aussie
by: Tammy

I'm not sure exactly what your question is, if you are asking because you intend to breed or show the Aussie.

I have both an Australian Shepard (a standard Aussie, as we call her) and a Mini Australian Shepard. They both have papers and are great dogs! These two make a total of three Aussies that we have owned and we have noticed that they have a number of the same traits but totally different personalities.

I am not a breeder just an owner that loves the breed. The only difference between a standard or Australian Shepard and a mini is the size. There is about a 20lb difference between my two.

by: jcrply

This issue has been addressed many times in this forum. The most comprehensive answer is the one you will find here.

by: Tom

Well if I were to have my Pick of a Shepard or Mini Aussie........ I'll go Aussie any day of the week. I have to of them that are a great joy to me and the wife........... the Male is my constant companion, the female will also follow me at times. They are Great and love to play.............. I can say nothing Bad about them except that the flock has to be together and we are the flock !

If you are going to get a Dog, Go for the Mini Aussie, you will be glad you did.

Standard VS Mini
by: Marsha Bosshold

I have had the standard as well as the mini Aussie. I really can't say I noticed any differences between them. Both have the same qualities of loyalty, intelligence, and love. I wouldn't have any problem with either one.

Thanks for the responses
by: Anonymous

Just was wondering why standard aussie owners/breeders extremely dislike mini aussies? They say that minis aren't australian shepards. There are so many other breeds out there that have smaller versions and they still fit under akc as that breed. (Poodles for instance come in all kinds of sizes) is a mini aussie an aussie?

Aussie vs Mini Aussie
by: Lisa G

Miniature Aussies are definitely 100% Australian Shepherd. (just like a toy poodle is a resl poodle.) Mini Australian Shepherds are the result of several years of breeders mating small male & female Aussies until they achieved "the mini." From there, they went on to breed "the toy" Aussie. All the hub-bub comes down to the AKC!! Until a breed is "accepted" by them, it is not considered "pure." What a bunch of bunk! If you prefer a smaller dog. Get ya a Mini🐶 Trust me, you're going to face the same "issues" the rest of us are trying to figure out😜 Thank goodness for the "Australian Shepherd Lovers" website!

Standards Vs miniatures
by: Linda Wells

We love Aussies and have had many. We now have a standard 14 year old male and a mini 2 year old female.
There is no difference in their traits... both herd us, both are extremely smart, both are loving. The standard tends to ignore anyone who is not family. The mini loves everyone and every dog. Of the two, the mini is the most loving. She sits in our laps and looks into our eyes with such love. Size is the big difference. The mini is 16 inches tall and weighs 34 pounds. The standard is 24 inches and weighs 60 pounds. I think we will stick with miniatures from now on.

by: Anonymous

Thanks everyone for the input! I went with the mini

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