Australian Shepherd and Diarrhea

by dp

I have a 3 yr old Australian Shepherd and he has been having trouble with diarrhea since he was a few months old. I feed him Chicken Soup for Dog Lovers Soul. I changed once and still did not help. The vet said he is healthy and only thing he can see is his tale was so short (a stub) that it affects the bowel control. Can anyone recommend a food or anything that may help. She does eat grass a lot so she is not feeling well but nothing shows up on all tests vet has run.

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by: Anonymous

You can try panacur. You can buy it in the feed store. Twice a day small amount.
The grass is not helping.
You can give a dog a cooked rice with 2 Tbs canned pumpkin and see. If its better then you definetly give a cooked meet to get the stool harder.
Try some organic food is free of chemicals. Go on line and read abut organic food. the natural life is preaty good

Bowel problems
by: Marilyn

I have a two year old Aussie who had this problem for a good 6 to 7 months from the day I got him. I finally met a woman at my pet store who advised me to put him on a strict diet of plain white rice boiled with hamburger 'til cooked. He was to have nothing else for a full week, not even a dog treat. The diahrea stopped by day three and has never returned. Seems many dogs have problems digesting food containing wheats, grains etc. After the week of rice, I put him on Adult kibble which contains no grains (fillers) as all puppy food contains grain.. I have been feeding Core Wellness to our dogs for over 4 years and find it a very good quality feed.

Hope this helps.

by: randi

talk to a natural dog food store orijen is a great choice and or a raw patty diet.

chronic problem
by: Anonymous

I had this problem in an Aussie. It was the worst experience I have had with an Aussie. We tried everything including the hamburger and rice and grain free foods.

Since I no longer have her, I have met several others who have had aussies with this problem. One breeder recommended orijen and K9 digestive enzymes. I currently have 2 Aussies and I have them on Orijen. It is an awesome food.

It is now my opinion that this is a bacterial overgrowth in the intestional tract and that some Aussies are genetically predisposed to it.

8 year old aussie
by: Melissa

This sweet girl came to us from the breeder. She is our aussie's mom! Over the last 3 or 4 months (we've had her a year) she has had bouts of diarrhea almost weekly. We'll give her a prescribed med from the vet who says it's a bacteria in her gut and she'll be fine during the taking of meds and for a few days afterwards and then she has it again. We've switched foods to everything vet says to do and can't figure it out. Rice and sometimes just plain boiled chicken we cook fresh and mix with rice. Lately just dog food that she was raised on which has nothing in it that would cause such. Thoughts?

Mushy stools in 2-year old female dog
by: Anonymous

Ou dog eats mostly chicken and rice, and an occasional chicken hot dog with kibble as a treat. She has a very short stub of a tail, which I think is painful or irritating for her. I don’t know if that would affect her stools. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
P.S. please spell check what you write for readability and understanding. Thanks

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