Australian Shepherd Attacks Mini-Aussie

by Kenny C
(Northern CA, Sac area)

My question - Our 7 year old Australian Shepherd attacked our Mini Aussie (3 Yr) yesterday Quite severely, I had to yell her off of him, them move her away. She was biting at his throat and would have injured him or worse if I had not intervened.

Buddy the Mini had taken her bone (rawhide) 3 times in two days, and I had just given her replacements. My wife said when she let them out to relieve themselves, Buddy acted like he had her bone and Poppi, the full size female attacked him. (They are both fixed)

Poppi also attacked our Chocolate Lab - Aussie mix a few years ago when she (the lab) had cancerous tumors. My wife then said that Poppi probably sensed something was wrong with the Lab Mix. Now she thinks something is wrong with Poppi, the attacker and is talking about getting rid of her if I can't get her behavior rectified.

Poppi has always been jealous of Buddy and dominates him. Buddy is also somewhat aggressive in the barking department, he barks at all animals on TV. They both bark a lot when anyone comes over to our house.

They are both Blue Merle. Also they probably don't get enough exercise as I am on the road a lot. I try to get them to the park and the dog park on weekends, maybe 1 1/2 to 2 hours total

I desperately need some help to correct this situation.

Kenny C

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Aggressive behavior towards mini Aussie
by: Tom

Did you bring the mini into the household or did you have Poppi and Buddy meet on neutral ground?
If you brought Buddy into the home with Poppi then the problem is Poppi feels as though Buddy was brought in to replace her. You just have to convince her she's not being replaced it's a hard job, one that will make you think you are at the end of your rope, and if you should decide to get rid of her because of the behavior then find someone where she can be an only dog, because it will happen again. Good luck

Thank You Tom
by: Anonymous

I am sure you are correct, and we will be working with both dogs as we do not want to lose either.

Thank you,


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