Australian Shepherd Breeding Size

I have a male Aussie that is now 7 months old. The breeder I got him from said his mother was 20 inches at the withers and his father was 23 inches at the withers. She knew I really wanted an Aussie that would get up to standard size especially now that the Mini and Toy craze is going on. I wanted to possibly show him or use him for breeding in the future so it was important that he reach at least 20 inches. I think she may have lied to me just to sell the pup. He is 7 months and his shoulder height is not even past my knee. His shoulders are "about" knee height. I had seen photos of his parents, but sadly (at my own fault) I never saw them in person so I just took her word for it.

Do you think he would be ok to breed even if he only got to the 18 inch mark?
I'm not sure what to do here. I doubt he is going to grow anymore being that he is already 7 months old.

I have attached a picture of him at 5 months old.

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oh my
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to say how absolutley beautiful he is. Did she give you papers? if so, there might be some information on his parents on those papers.
what is his personality like? is he your only one?
I had a standard boy, but he died at age 5 from epilepsy. I now have a toy(bought that size because we already had a Chihuahua that belongs to my duaghter, and we thought they might get along better, if the Aussie wasn't so big and intimating)we had rescued another standard aussie girl, but had to return her after a few days because the Chi went nuts, with fear, and shaling, etc.
well, I hope you enjoy your boy just the same.
best to you both

Aussie Breeding Size
by: Anne

Size and breeding should have nothing to do with each other. If your male is nice enough, and turns out tall enough to show than show him.
Have someone critique him first. Breeding has to do with QUALITY. Make sure he is at least 2 years old and that he has passed all his health clearances.
Don't worry about his size right now... he isn't finished growing and is definetly not finished maturing.
It will be a wait and see game for him as to his final height at the withers. Enjoy him... he is a beautiful boy.
If you have any more questions please e-mail me at

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

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