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Australian Shepherd Chewing on Baseboard

Hi there! So I know a bored Aussie will become destructive and I know this is what’s happening, but we’re lost with what else to do for her. We took her for a walk on the beach and had a playdate for about 2 hours this morning. We do training throughout the day and only hand feed her so she’s always doing tasks for food. We give her plenty of chew toysand one of the bones is like a puzzle bone that she loves. We then take her for a walk/play ball/frisbeeat night.

Lately, she’s been bored of all of her toys, isn’t as interested in playing ball, frisbee, hide and seek, and is fearful of where we can take her to walk. She just turned 7 months old.

Any thoughts/suggestions on what to do to make sure she stays happy and out of trouble, or is this normal for their age? I feel like pulling my hair out half the time and am not sure what to do. I’m home with her all day, so she’s not stuck in her crate. I do crate trainand put her in there in the morning after her exercise/training and when I leave she goes in there as well, but for a max of 2-4 hours a day. Generally, not that much though.

Thank you so much!

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Bored Aussie
by: Dillon

Hi, this comment might be a little late but I hope it may be helpful to you still. First of all I think you’re doing a great job in keeping your Aussie mentally and physically active. At seven months old they get bored very easily! I know mine did. No matter how much exercise or mental stimulation I gave her she constantly needed to be entertained. I ended up having to spray things I didn’t want her chewing with bitter apple spray and then redirecting her to something she is allowed to chew on. You should be able to get bitter apple spray at Amazon or most pet stores. This association of the object with the bad taste taught her pretty quickly what not to chew. You also mentioned she’s fearful of where you take her for walks? Do you take her to different/new locations often? It’s important for them at a young age to go to many different places often so they can build up their confidence in being in strange places. This is something I wish I did more when my girl was younger. Even walking her in different neighborhoods helps!

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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