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Australian Shepherd Coat Troubles

by Christopher
(Saint Cloud)

Long coat

Long coat

Hey everyone! My dog's name is Luna. She's a red merle and I was wondering what coat would suit her. Her coat is very strange because it varies depending on where the hair is.
For example; the hair behind her ears is super curly, the hair around her butt is afro-like, while the rest of her body is shiny and smooth.

The other Australian Shepherds I have seen do not have the same coat textures as her, and it doesn't seem like her current coat suits her.

Just for context, I have previously gotten her shaved as I live in Florida and on some very hot days she won't stop panting no matter how much I try and cool her down.

I recently found out a month or two ago that getting double-coated dogs shaved is bad, so now I am conflicted on what I should do.

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beautiful Aussie
by: jcrply

She is beautiful!
Please don't shave her. My Aussie and I live in southwest Florida. When outside in the summer, I sweat and she pants.

Never shave you Aussie
by: Richard

We in Florida as well. We have seen where when shaved the hair does not grow back the same. The undercoat is beneficial to the Aussie and helps keep him/her cool. IF it becomes to thick and matted you need to address with a 2 sided undecoat rake/de-matting tool.
If very hot we are inside and if outside we always have fans and nearby water to play if needed.
I use a 2 sided undercoat rake to start grooming, followed by a regular rake followed by a shedding blade and the final is with a brush.
You would be amazed at how much hair the undercoat rake removes.
Good luck and happy Aussies!

Coat condition
by: Anonymous

Hi, your dog’s coat sounds exactly like my 5yr old male’s. Bushy mane, kinked ear fur, scruffy hind end furnishings and bottle brush tail. 🙄🙄Mine has very wavy top hair too. Pretty normal, from what I have seen! Here in Canada my guy gets hot too but I don’t have him shaved. However, if I lived where you are I’m sure I would do it, no problem. Just, not right down to the skin lol!

Red Merle Coat
by: Rebecca

You probably should not have your dog shaved as her fur is insulation against the heat. Have her groomed and clipped, bathed and brushed and you will find she will be much more comfortable. Panting is also a way they combat the heat.

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