Australian Shepherd Communication

Mavis is my 14-month-old blue merle. Our older dog rings a bell to go out, and Mavis picked that up pretty quickly. But then things got complicated, as she started generalizing it. Now, the bell means, "Do my bidding," and I have to try to figure out what that might be. The checklist is: water bowl empty, food bowl empty, food bowl not empty but bottom visible, other dog outside and wants in, other dog has her toys and she wants me to get them back for her.

A couple of days ago, she rang the bell all morning long, and I never did really figure out what she wanted. She kept standing in a particular spot, so I put a blanket in that spot. At first I thought that was it, but then she started ringing the bell again. Any suggestions?

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Doggie Door Bell
by: Tom

Our Female Aussie Gabby Rings her Door Bell to go out, barks to come in, if she wants a cookie she sits up pretty, if she want her supper she stares at me... she has a built in clock and I know 99.9% of the time what she wants. She has a way of letting you know... she will take me to the cookie cabinet and touch it with her nose, which means you know what I want and it is in here.

My Male Red Tri, lets gabby do all the asking and he gets the rewards without having to do a thing.

Bell ringing
by: Anonymous

I would suggest when the bell is rung, she goes out to relieve herself and that is it... Bell Ringing means only one thing. By ringing it to mean a variety of things only confuses you and your dog.

As someone else posted, they have a different action for each need for the dog.

Good Luck !!!

Doggie Door Bell
by: Tom

Sooner or Later you will figure out what is wanted... as I did with Gabby... takes time that is for sure...

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