Australian Shepherd Grooming Issues

by Kathy

My 10 month old female Aussie hates being groomed. She has never willingly let us brush her and she bites and growls at every type brush we have tried. The groomer suggested we place her on a table to get her out of her comfort zone and it helps, but we have to take her outside to do this. An impossible task this winter in the snow. How can we get her to enjoy grooming?

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Grooming Tip
by: Anonymous

Our Aussie is not a fan of being brushed or bathed but she tolerates it pretty well. We started by doing just a few strokes at a time to get her used to the idea of being brushed. We then gradually lengthened the brushing time until she was comfortable with it. She was praised and rewarded for good behavior. I try to brush lightly, take my time and try to not pull (brushing her rear is the most challenging part). We also offer a Kong lightly filled with peanut butter when doing anything to her that she might deem unpleasant. Sometimes I'll ask one of the kids to hold the Kong while I brush or bath her so she stands in the right position. Every dog is different but this is what worked for us.

by: Anonymous

Treats for good behavior and ignore bad. Do not let her think her growling and biting is getting her out of the situation. Always finish on a good note. Even if that means taking a while, she will continue to do what works...

brush hater
by: john

We have the same problem with our 4 year old tri
female. Cannot even touch her with a brush or comb. We have had her since she was 8 weeks old so she has never been abused or hit with a brush. We don't brush her as often as we should because we have to use a muzzle. Its crazy because she loves to be scratched by hand as hard as we can. but don't touch her with a brush or comb. When we do she growls and puts a soft bite on your hand as a warning

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