Australian Shepherd Haircut

My red tri got a haircut and I hate it! His body is now a light cream color, much different from his previous red color. Will it grow back the same color and length? How long will it take?

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by: Nonnie

I am not trying to be rude ... but I have to ask .... why was your Aussie getting a haircut? I have two Aussies and my daughter is a groomer. We checked into what we needed to do "coat-wise" for Aussies. The first thing we learned was never to shave an Aussie's coat. We live in Houston - so we thought they would need to be shaved for our summers.

They are double-coated dogs. Their undercoat keeps them warm in winter and cool in summer. It protects their skin - which can burn easily. You will need a good undercoat rake, to get out the undercoat. We brush our Aussies every week.

The only time our Aussie's get any type of haircut is to have their back-end cut short so that it doesn't get in the way of "taking care of business".

it will
by: Anonymous

yes, it will grow back, the same, but it may take a few months. We had that happen to one of our dogs, I hated it too, I told my husband the dog looked like a beagle now, instead of an Aussie. lol It all grew back in time, in all its splendor. be patient... and forgiving.

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