Australian Shepherd Has Patellar Luxation

My Aussie has patellar luxation, but the vet didn't want to do anything just yet. I figure she'll eventually need surgery. When is the best time to do the surgery... before a real problem occurs or when she has difficulty walking?

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not necessarily
by: Anonymous

I took my boy(I have a chi and a toy Aussie) to my holistic Vet, and she was able to work on thier spine, hips, knees caps throught manipulation, and both of them are doing fine, and have no problems. If I were you, I would conside rthat beofre nay surgery.
wish you both the best.

no surgery
by: Anonymous

a lot of small dogs have patellar luxation and the vets all want to operate. We had a chihuahua/pomerian mix that had that and we did not have any surgery done, and he lived a normal life, and was able to run, walk, jump, and never had a problem... so glad he didn't have surgery, which could have created more problems...

Surgery is working for me...
by: Anonymous

I have a mini aussie and around 2 yrs old his knee started popping out of place frequently when playing or running. It seemed to go back into place by itself after a few limps. I talked to the vet about it and though not necessarily painful when it would pop in and out, she said it would develop scar tissue and early onset of arthritis if not treated. He had surgery shortly after and is doing great. The surgery from my understanding consisted of deepening the groove that the bone sat in at the joint and tightening the ligament thus providing a better fit for the bone to sit in and the ligament to keep the bones tighter together for lack of better words. At 4 yrs old now he just went back in for his other knee. Hoping for the same outcome. If you do go the surgery route, be sure the vet specializes in orthopedics, that was a pick plus and comfort factor in our decision.

by: Daniel

I have a 3 year old Aussie (she's small, but full blooded Aussie) who has had surgery on both of her knees for this. It has not gone well at all. It's so difficult to get her to cooperate with recovery that we've had to operate on her right leg 3 times now, and her left, while fully healed at this point, is having many difficulties. I'm not pleased to say the least. I sincerely hope that all will work out well eventually, but I would strongly recommend AGAINST surgery unless it's definitely warranted. I think the better thing to do is to build muscles on the backs of the legs to try to address the problem...

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