Australian Shepherd Herding Behavior

So I am getting an Aussie pup this summer and have never owned one before. I currently have a Springer and a cat and am worried about herding behavior with them or me. Is there a way I can train her to herd on command and not all the time? This way she isn't driving my other animals or me insane?

I plan on getting her into classes for herding eventually but I will be moving shortly after getting her so I need to get settled first. I have done my research and have thought hard and long about getting an Australian Shepherd.

I plan on walking her a lot and bringing her to dog parks and playing with her for a few hours a day outside. But I will be living in an apartment. She will be my service dog so eventually, when she is fully trained, she will go almost everywhere with me.

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Treats and More Treats
by: Cathy

I trained my Aussie fairly easy, but it takes time. Keep lots of little dog treats on you at all times. When she herds other animals or people, re-direct her behavior and reward her for the good behavior. She will begin to learn that if she doesn't go after ankles, she will be rewarded with love and treats. It took about a month and my Aussie stopped going after ankles. I have 2 other dogs and children with lots of friends. We suffered quite a few torn jeans and even some shirts with the little kids. They nip when they herd. Stella still has the instinct in her, but doesn't nip if she does decide to heard and it is actually cute. She will take a group of people that are over for a bbq and get them all gathered into a tight circle. No ones knows quite why they are all moved together. Enjoy your puppy!

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