Australian Shepherd Jumping On People

How to break them from jumping on people?

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by: Anonymous

Try finding a good obedience training class. Sometimes your local pet store (PetSmart, Petco or an independent) will have classes.

My Aussies did this - they still do sometimes - but they are getting better. They are learning to "wait". It will be worth it.

Good Luck

teaching dog to not jump
by: Anonymous

I am working on becoming certified at dog training and what you will want to do is whenever he meets new people you will want to make him sit. Tell you guests that they can not acknowledge the fact that he is there until he is sitting calmly and does not break his sit position until you give him his reward marker.
When he will respond 9 out of 10 times start adding small distractions and reward accordantly.

by: Anonymous

Have his leash on and make him sit. You can step on his leash to not jump up. If he jumps on you, turn around, cross your arms and ignore. Or if you can see he's going to jump up on you step forward to take his space.

by: Anonymous

My family has had two Aussies, one Aussie/Border Collie cross (She was joy but a hand full), and numberless other breeds of dogs. The way to break any dog of jumping on people in to knee them whenever they try. This may sound cruel, it isn't. You NEVER hurt the dog just firmly stick your knee in their chest forcing them back to the floor (not knocking them over), and the sternly tell them "no", rewarding them with some attention a moment later when they stay down or when you can tell they want to jump but haven't. You have to be consistent in this training or the behavior will continue, but once you make it clear that jumping is unacceptable and that they don't need to do it to get your love and attention they'll stop. Aussies are smart dogs and eager to please, if you paint it clearly they should pick up on the picture soon enough.

jumping up, sitting calmly
by: Anonymous

Okay. The guest is ignoring my frantic little 8 month old as he has been asked to do and she refuses to sit calmly... and long should I keep going with this ? How should I conclude the scenario until the next attempt? Just take her away? Send my guest out of the house? "Okay". "Nevermind" what? They are both still in the house...... she wants to meet him. He is distracted by her craving to see who he is.

Jumping on hands rather than bodies!
by: Anonymous

My dogs (Border Collies) growing up were taught to jump on our hands rather than our bodies. So, we would stick our hand out in front of us and they would just jump up there. My dad taught our dogs this so they wouldn't trample us or other people. Not only was it easier for us to be around our dogs, but other people enjoyed this trait as well. It is definitely a trick that I will be teaching my 4 month old Aussie!!

Thank you all for the tips
by: Sherri

I have had my Aussie for 6 1/2 years. She did great on the farm but now that we are in the city it is a great change for her. She is doing great except for jumping on guests. Thank you for all of the tips. I'm sure I will have her sitting gracefully in no time.

by: Anonymous

We have tried everything !!! Our 6 month old puppy won't stop frantically jumping on people. She jumps at everyone. Any suggestions?

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