Australian Shepherd Puppies Born Without A Tail

by Krystle Connolly

My Australian Shepherd just had 8 puppies a couple days ago and 2 were born without tails what does that mean?

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puppies born without tails
by: jcrply

Congratulations, you have some pups that are NBT
Natural Bobtail. Our first Aussie was an NBT. She had a short little tail and on the end of the tail -if you looked very closely- there was a tiny string of teeny tiny little vertebrae. These eventually fell off the end of her tail. I loved that she had not had to have her tail cut.

Aussie Tails
by: Rusty in NE Florida

I had a Border Collie for 13 years. She could read my mind and do what I wanted with just a look. I was devastated when I lost her. A year and a half later I came across an ad on Craigslist for a '2 year old blue merle Border Collie' I drove 4 1/2 hours to south Florida and knew immediately she was not a BC. She came home with me anyway. Vet agrees with me that she is full Aussie, probably used as a breeder. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. She has the most beautiful full, bushy merle tail with a white tip that I have ever seen. But far superior to it's beauty is the way she uses it to communicate. A dog uses the tail to convey their mood and their emotions. When she is laying down and I walk in the room that tail starts moving, when she walks up to me it is always moving. When we go out chasing squirrels it is high and proud. Sometimes it trails straight out behind her and sometimes it curls completely into a loop. The joy it gives me to see her tell me with her tail that she loves me is immeasurable. She would lose an integral part of her personality without it. It is said that the tail was a hinderence or dangerous to the dog as a herder. That may be but have you ever seen a Border Collie without a tail? For the person who wants a friend and companion there is no need to bob the tail. Believe me you will be happy that you got one with the tail. I have yet to run into other Aussie owners where the tail does not come up as a subject of conversation. About half have voiced the opinion that they wished their friend had their tail. Obviously with the NBT there is no choice but if you know you are going to get an Aussie as a puppy, I would pick it out within a couple of days after birth and tell the breeder to leave the tail. You will be glad you did.

Natural bob tails
by: Julie e.

My aust shepherd just had ten puppies and ALL OF THEM were born with bobbed tails! Is this normal or is she the exception to the rule?

by: Anonymous

Australians should have tails. You don't have to bob them. That is a trendy thing, and most farmers, ranchers, dairymen are not trendy people. The sooner we can get away from this show dog mentality the better. How did that get started. Looks like half a dog with no tail. Born with out is a genetic deficiency.

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