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Australian Shepherd Puppy Biting Problem

by Mike Delle
(Covington, La)



We have a 10-week-old female that we can't seem to train not to bite us. She wants to bite everything. We have her trained to sit and is doing well with the potty training, but she is always biting at our feet while walking. If we hold her she is always trying to bite our hands and arms. We will be going to a puppy training class with her in a couple of weeks but we need to get a handle on biting issue. Any advice is welcomed.

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by: Anton

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What worked for me
by: Melanie

We had the same challenge with our pup. I started to wonder if we would be ever able to extinguish the behavior. You need to be consistent every single time. When she tries to bite on you put something she can have in her mouth. Sometimes it feels like you are shoving it down her throat. I used to say "No!" really loudly and then "This!" as I put the toy in her mouth. And when she took hold of the toy praise and pet her. After a few weeks, she started catching on. Now she doesn’t nip us at all. It just takes time and more patience than I sometimes felt I had. She needs you to teach her how to be. Keep the faith, and be patient and positive with her. She’ll come along. She’s still super young.

Walk away
by: Anonymous

If she starts biting. Stop what you're doing. When she has calmed down, go ahead and go back to playing with her.

Hmmm, sounds familiar....
by: Perry

Our pup (now 5 1/2 mo old) was doing the same. What has reduced it greatly is distraction/replacement. We tried the "yelp" response thing, but that made little difference. Instead, we combine two things. (1) Immediately stop interacting, while at same time, (2) place chew toy where he can chew on it instead of us. Yeah, there's a little bit of contradiction in the "stop interacting" and "provide alternative" acts, but I hope you get the idea. Then, as soon as he's calm and not nipping, etc., we reward vocally and with calm, positive interaction. As he's aged a bit, he developed more of a nipping tendency vs. the chewing of earlier--a common issue w/ Aussies and other herding breeds. The same responses from us are gradually extinguishing that behavior, though.

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