Australian Shepherd Puppy Goes Insane During Car Rides

by Karsyn
(College Station, Texas)

My Aussie is 7 weeks old and absolutely goes INSANE in the car, he's petrified of it. Any tips?

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Fear of riding in car
by: jcrply

Here are some things you can try (if you do not have to travel with your dog every day).
Have a lot of super yummy treats and a hungry dog. Don't start the car. Just take the pup into the car and feed him treats there. Then leave the car. Go back into the car and give more treats. Repeat until you establish that the car is the place to get those special treats. After he becomes comfortable with this, then do it with the car turned on but don't move the car at all. More treats. When he is comfortable with being inside a running car, then take a trip just to the end of your driveway. More treats and out of the car. Gradually increase the length of your trips... with lots of treats each time. This can be a long process, but it usually works.

Insane in the car
by: Anonymous

My dog started to do this about six months after I rescued him, he was a year and a half. A trainer did this, if he started to bark she shouted HUSH. This gives him a chance to do the right thing. If he keeps barks he got three squirts of water in the face. It worked the first time.


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