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Australian Shepherd Puppy Is Submissive Peeing Only With My Husband

by Adaire

Our 5-month-old male Australian Shepherd puppy (Murphy) is continuing to have peeing issues whenever my husband talks to him or comes close to him. My husband is at his wit's end.

Murphy doesn't do it with me. In fact, if my husband approaches him or comes close to him, not even intending to pay any attention to him, Murphy comes over and stands behind me.

I don't want to re-home the puppy, but my husband doesn't want him around anymore. I'm still refusing to do that, but...

What do I do?

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Try a Different Approach
by: Natalie

It sounds like maybe your puppy is afraid or shy of your husband for some reason. Puppies are not always going to be these perfect little beings running around all happy like they show on the commercials, unfortunately. You could try to train him with your husband by using positive reinforcement using treats. A WONDERFUL expert and trainer on positive reinforcement is KikoPup on YouTube. She is GREAT. And she covers a variety of topics in training dogs. She helps describe and explain the ‘why’ dogs are doing certain behaviors and how to help with them if they’re undesirable. Most of the time when a dog is doing something undesirable or unwanted, it’s because the trainer/owner needs to re-evaluate how they’re training, not the dog. Hang in there! It takes patience, we have a 5 month old miniature Australian Shepard names Ollie, and we are working with him on undesirable behavior, but instead of ‘disciplining’ when he does something bad, we praise him when he does what we want and ask...and we try to teach those behaviors with treats. KikoPup can help for sure! Good luck and please hang in there for the little guys sake:)

by: jcrply

Here's something to try. Your husband should feed the puppy. Every meal. Divide the pup's food into three meals or even more. Feed him by hand, a little at a time. Pup must come to your husband to get the food. He may be reluctant at first, but he's not going to starve himself to death. Eventually he will take the food from his hand. Also your husband can give him special treats during the day... bacon, cheese, etc. Ignore the peeing since it's something the pup can't control. It's a response to fear. Eliminate the fear and the peeing will stop.

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