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Australian Shepherd Refuses To Go On Walks



Hoz is my daughter's 1 1/2 year old Aussie. He loves to play. My daughter lives in the city with a fenced dog park across the street from her apartment complex.

She takes him to the park just fine. But two days ago she leashed him and started to walk him around the market, a distance of about 10 city blocks. Hoz laid down and she could not get him to budge. Could drag him, but he was not going to move. This happened again tonight.

He is not hurt. Do you think he got scared on another walk? He tries to be brave and protect her but he isn't fierce.

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by: Anonymous

Sounds like he was having a doggie tantrum because he didn't get to go run at the park.

Possibly doesn't like to be leashed
by: Dave and Molly

My Aussie pouts whenever we use the gentle leader and walk him around town as he always prefers his daily off leash runs much more. I think yours is just being a little defiant is all.

Walk reluctance
by: Anonymous

I don't believe your dog is being defiant or trying to pout - dogs don't react that way. Aussies can be very sensitive to bad experiences and remember them for a long time. That being said, my two year old Aussie would sometimes do that same thing of lying down and refusing to move, usually after a walk. No bad experience, no seeming reason. So, I wouldn't accept it. If I could not nudge him up after a minute or so, I would just pick him up and carry him for a minute - then he would trot on as if nothing had happened. Sometimes it really does come down to their agenda, or yours!

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