Australian Shepherd Shyness

by Stephanie

Hi, I recently bought a 1 year old Australian Shepherd from a woman that did not have time for the dog. She would leave him out in the yard all day and he was never really socialized. We have only had him for 4 days, but he is very nervous and very shy. He paces around the house sometimes and even when my daughter comes over about 3 times a day, he will bark and be shy around her. Will socializing help him? He is not playful at all either. He is fine with our Jack Russell but around people he is always nervous, although he was never abused in any way. We will be taking him to obedience training for the next 10 weeks, but will he always be shy and un-playful?

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Socializing him is the key now and an obedience class is a great place to start. You have to teach him to play... he does not know how. With time he will come out of his shell more and more.
Hope that helps.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

by: Anonymous

you said you recently bought him. how recent? you need to gain his trust and confidence, so be patient, give him time to come around at his own pace, otherwise you will instill fearfulness in him(this is what my holistic vet recommended to me about my aussie, who is also shy around people); speaking from my own experience,if I just let him be,(even if he's barking, backing off)and continue with the person I am speaking with, my boy eventually, stops barking, coms around and snifs them, even licks them, and finally calms down.they learn with time to trust you and or your family, and do come around, but if you push it, try to hurry it, it causes ansiety in them instead. know ts not easy, but that's it in nutshell.

Give him time
by: Mel

Along with lots of socialization he needs time to adjust. He will come out of his shell. Just be careful that you do not nurture his nervous habits because those can quickly make for a fearful dog and that is much harder to deal with.

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