Australian Shepherd Temperament - Barking At Everyone

Is it unusual for an Aussie to be weary of strangers to the point of barking at every person we pass by on walks, while driving, etc?

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by: Anonymous

I have the same problem ! Please help!

This is what i've been working on
by: Joanne

Some aussies just have a stronger herding sense, which is very true for my Charlie (i posted this question in the first place) because he herds people, children, animals, balls, cars (!), anything that moves. With herding comes protection. Apparently I didn't put him in comfortable situations when first socializing him.

What i do is take treats with me on walks or anywhere there might be an encounter with someone and as we're approaching keep him busy focusing on me, sitting for me or something. And when the person gets closer and asks to pet him or makes a comment i ask them to wait, give them a treat and have him approach the person and not the other way around so it's less intimidating. This way, he feels more in control AND he associates meeting a new person with a treat. it's a work in progress but it helps! i introduced my good friend recently in this manner and he warmed up to her right away (whereas other people have left my house with ripped shirts and pants...)

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