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Australian Shepherd With Collapsed Trachea

by Mary
(Cypress, TX)

Does anyone have an Aussie diagnosed with a collapsed trachea? My Aussie is only 1 1/2 and was just diagnosed. If so, how old is your dog? How are you treating this condition? I thought this was only common in small breed dogs however this could be congenital.

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Trachea collapse
by: Renee van der KnaapAnonymous

My aussie has this condition. In the beginning it was acceptable but now he is almost 13 years and this last year is hard for him. There is not much you can do. He gets some medication for his coughing but than he gets constipated so he needs fibres in his food. It is hard to see when it looks like he has something in his throat but cant get it out, It is hard for him. But as long as he eats, wants to go for a walk etc I will keep him. When I think : this is no quality for life anymore I will let him go. But he has had it his whole life and only the last 2 years it is worse.
Good luck with your aussie.
Renee van der Knaap (HOLLAND)

Going strong at 7-1/2
by: Anonymous

My Aussie was diagnosed with this since she was a year old, she is now 7-1/2. She can go days without coughing and then it seems something triggers it. She is extremely active. Runs daily with my other Aussie age 6-1/2 and her cousin Aussie, nearly 3. It has not slowed her a bit. She is tiny, only 40 lbs but all muscle and energy. She has a great appetite.

Where did you get your dog?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am just curious about where you got your dog? I also have a Mini Australian Shepard with tracheal collapse and she came from Stamford, TX.

potential collapsed trachea
by: Adrienne

I have a 4-month-old Mini Aussie that has had a hacking cough since the day I got her. She now has about 10-15 episodes a day. She has been checked for everything and no other diagnosis. The breeder said that two other puppies from the same litter had a cough as well but with a combination of meds, the hacking subsided.

I am sick that this puppy will have to live with this. I am going to do everything I can to resolve/treat it but as you know, Aussie's just want to have fun. I am insisting that the vet do a scope of some sort to formally diagnose.

Mad and sad.

Aussie Shepherd With Trachea Problems
by: Heather

I have two Mini Aussie's from two different provinces in British Columbia. Both have this problem. I have tried everything, except the stint surgery, with no luck. Sounds like this is a breed issue.

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