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Australian Shepherd With Lupus

Yesterday my 3 1/2 year old Aussie was diagnosed with Lupus. She had a couple of mild cases of pancreatitis but was otherwise healthy until February of this year.

It was then when I noticed she was having problems getting up from a sitting position. A week later she broke out with skin lesions in her ears and hips. A few weeks after that, she had swelling in her hocks.

She was treated with different antibiotics and steroids and would get better but symptoms would return. After countless visits to the vet, she was finally diagnosed with Lupus.

Dr. said the only treatment for this is high doses of steroids along with other other immune suppressing drugs. I love her like she's a child of mine and can't bear the thought of putting her down.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had an Aussie with Lupus?

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by: Anonymous

I just had to put down a dog with Lupus. It all started with a red, almost sunburnt looking" nose which turned into a scab. Spread up his snout, into his face and ears. Within 3 months his hair had almost all fallen off and his legs were covered in this scab as well. Poor guy ate like a champ, but lost weight like crazy. I put him on some medicine but it didn't help, apparently it is non-curable, all you can do is give them steroids to help delay the process. I hope anyone with this problem doesn't have to see it get this bad. My dog was 7.5 years old, we started seeing problems right around 6.5 years, so it travels fast.

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