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Australian Shepherds and Small Children

by Elizabeth

How many people here have owned Australian Shepherds and raised small children at the same time? In your opinion, is it possible to have both at the same time? There are lots of people that have German Shepherds and small children at the same time. Is that because German Shepherds are a little less obsessed with wanting to herd things?

There are many people, like myself, that would much prefer to have a dog that's not only good with small children, but will also protect them when the man of the house is not home.

What has your experience been with Aussies and small children? Is the Aussie's herding instinct stronger than that of a German Shepherd? Is it more work than most parents can handle to supervise their Aussie around small children?

Thanks for your help!


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know your puppy
by: jcrply

I would answer "It depends." In my experience, Aussies are great with children. My current Aussie is a sweetie. She's 11 years old and has always been loving and gentle with children. I met her parents before I got her, and I know her parents' histories. This is what you need in order to predict what a pup's disposition will probably be like. If I were looking for a pup to grow up with little children, I would most definitely want to meet and find out everything possible about the pup's mother and father.

Aussies & Small Children
by: Rrbecca

I agree with the writer of "know your puppy".. I raised three Aussies. I did not know the parents of the first, but my children were older. I got the next two from breeders where I was able to see the parents. They were around small children, because both of my dogs have been OK around small children.

Thanks, further help needed
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your help! Has anyone here dealt with Australian Shepherds trying to herd small children by nipping at them? Can anybody tell me how they've learned to stop an Aussie from herding children and redirect the herding instinct in a better direction?

When I had my Australian Shepherd, she had an outlet for her herding instinct that was just perfect for our homesteading situation: She combined her herding and protection skills to "herd" wild animals out of the garden!

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