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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Australian Shepherds Key Off Your Body Language

by Steve Dusing
(Fonda, Iowa)

I have worked with alot of different dogs but was getting frustrated with my first Aussie 1 step forward 3 steps back... Key word here (frustrated) dog feels your energy and the Aussie's senses are one of the most kinest so handler beware of what he is keying on that was the key for me deep breath come back 1st calm and stern the slightest eye contact and they win. 2nd make them follow you through door ways never you following their led in entries. 3rd do not let them read what you are going to do next. (Example of what I am meaning) by accident I caught this 1 morning I put my cap on immediately his anxiety went thru the roof and took a bit to get control he keyed off me putting my hat on he had picked up on that after putting hat on we would go. Don't get stuck to the exact step to step routine they are super fast learners... and your eye movement is huge it's their advanced warning on what you are going to do. REMEMBER THEIR EXTREMELY FINE TUNED IN THEIR SENSES. GOOD LUCK HOPE THAT HELPS.

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Body cues
by: Anonymous

So true! Your dog likely knew you were going out even before you put your hat on. If something is going to happen not now but soon, even before the actual preparation my guy will come and look at me, really asking what is happening. They are guardians of their environment, including people, and are always always assessing it. Be prepared for 24/7 surveillance with an Aussie!

by: Lenny

I figured this out early on, in my journey with Dalton. He doesn't just cue in on body language either he knows pretty much by day what is going on. I work 2 days a week due to a recent injury, He hates being away from me. (We are together 99.5 percent of the time.) He knows the day before that I'll be going to work the next day. He starts to mope around get overly clingy (he's not a cuddly Aussie) And he has a ton of cues as to when I'm leaving the house and it doesn't matter what order I do them in. From putting my pants on to putting my hat on it doesn't matter he knows... even with our newest my knee brace, I don't wear it continuously but if I'm going to be on uneven ground or new places I do and the second I grab it he knows.
It does make training tough, (Dalton is very independent and he has been that way since a pup. If we didn't go his way he'd just sit down.) anyway he anticipates all my commands during training I have to be super vigilant. I am still in awe at this wonderful breed's intelligence, it's like he knows what I'm going to do before I do it. If animals take over the world, Aussies will lead them.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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